September 28 - SCIENCE!

Hello! This week has repairing, research, and reSoupAndWind.

The Badges screen is now the Research screen where you perform SCIENCE on various components from around the world at your alchemy bench to unlock new recipes. The tree branches let you invest in farming, entrepeneurship, building, and combat. You'll start in the stone age and progress through the iron age, elemental age, and then industrial age unlocking greater technology as you go.

You can now repair your items at the Forge and Loom. If any of your tools, weapons, or armor get low on durability, then a quick patch job with the right material and they're good as new. Literally.

It's gettin windy out. If it gets TOO windy you'll get a chill, so warm up with some soup! A delicious broth of cactus leaves and mushrooms will leave you feeling warm and toasty in the wind or even in the arctic. If you need more layers, then wear more clothes. The equipment screen now shows the defense and temperature bonus of everything you're wearing, so bundle up.

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