November 15 - The skinny on Tier 2

Ragdolls now calculate impact force while falling or being pushed. That means you or anyone else that has a tumble down a cliff will end up much more bruised and battered

There's a new subsurface scattering shader for characters which should greatly improve the look of skin. This calculates a fast realtime translucency, by allowing a certain amount of light to "pass through" the model and light the other side with a certain amount of distortion based on the thickness and properties of the material. Skin is semitransparent which makes it glow and glisten in light, so we need a shader to reflect this. It's why a lot of old games have characters that look like dolls.

There's a whole new tier of research to unlock for weapons, armor, tools, and buildings. You'll need to start venturing further from home to get all the necessary components, but the glider, airboard, and astral recall should make that easier.

Arrows will now stick out of stuff when they hit terrain instead of falling.

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