Big Grid Map Update #4

The Grid Map has received another major update!

Grid Map Pathfinding

Line of sight and cover is now calculated for attacks. When using a saved attack macro and hovering over a target, it will tell you if the target has cover and adjust their AC accordingly, there's also a small visualization to show what's blocking your attack. Long range will apply disadvantage as normal.

If you have the variant "use facing" checked then attacking from behind will give advantage.

Grid Map Pathfinding

Pathfinding is now supported and calculated if you Draw Walls on the Fog of War layer. The areas you can move will be shown and the path calculated around walls and other obstacles based on what you select for diagonals (free/disallowed/realistic).

Grid Map Pathfinding

Targetable creatures are highlighted in red, and if you use an attack that's out of range from where you are, a path will be calculated and suggested to get you into range. If you click you'll then move and perform the attack.

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