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Randomly generate parts of a dungeon on the fly, pieces are modular and fit together so you can even generate an entire dungeon this way. If you're generating from scratch, begin with a starting area and then add random doors and passages. Passages can connect to other passages, and should continue to be generated until they're all linked to doors, rooms, or dead-ends. Refresh to generate new things. You can also drag and drop pieces onto the grid map to build as you go.

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Dungeon Start

Dungeon Type: Stronghold (Click to make random). or choose:

Starting Area: Square, 40 x 40 ft.; doors on three walls

Noises: Squeaking
Air: Clear and damp
Odors: Rotting vegetation

Purpose: Waiting room where lesser guests are held before receiving an audience
Current state: Ashes, contents mostly burned
Contents: Monster (pet or allied creature) guarding treasure

Possible feature: Javelin head, blunt; Dripping blood; Teeth or fangs, scattered
Possible furnishings: Fireplace and wood; Table, trestle; Pallet
(Religious) Possible furnishings: Whistle; Altar, Altar
(Mage) Possible furnishings: Offertory container; Side chairs; Incense burner
Possible personal items: Book; Flask or jar; Pot


Passage Width: 10 ft. / Leads to: Continue straight 20ft., side passage to the left, then an additional lO ft. ahead

Extra passages (if necessary):

2nd Passage Width: 20 ft. / Leads to: Chamber

3rd Passage Width: 30 ft. / Leads to: Chamber

4th Passage Width: 40ft., with double row of pillars / Leads to: Continue straight 20ft., then the passage turns left and continues 10 ft.


Door: Stone, barred or locked / Leads to: Chamber

Extra doors (if necessary):
Door 2: Wooden / Leads to: Chamber
Door 3: Wooden, barred or locked / Leads to: Passage extending 10ft., then T intersection extending 10ft. to the right and left
Door 4: Wooden / Leads to: False door with trap
Door 5: Wooden / Leads to: Chamber
Door 6: Stone / Leads to: Chamber

Chamber (Rooms)

Whenever a passage, door, or anything else results in a chamber, use one of these.

Dimensions: Rectangle, 40 x 50 ft.
Number of exits: 3
Exit locations: Same wall as entrance / Wall left of entrance / Wall right of entrance /
Exit types: Corridor, 10ft. long / Door / Corridor, 10ft. long /

Purpose: Guardroom
Current state: Used as a campsite
Contents: Monster (random creature)

Possible feature: Leaves and twigs; Dampness, wall; Flask, cracked
Possible furnishings: Throne; Rug (small or medium); Sack
(Religious) Possible furnishings: Font; Screen, Rail
(Mage) Possible furnishings: Side chairs; Idol; Shrine
Possible personal items: Shaker; Thread; Ladle


Stairs connect multiple floors of a dungeon. If your dungeon doesn't have multiple floors, then reroll the passage or door that spawned them.

Stair Type: Up to a dead end


Whenever a container or book is generated, use this to determine its contents

Container Contents: Powder
Book, Scroll, or Tome: Doodles or sketches


Each monster should have a motivation in the dungeon. Sometimes this might make them peaceful (even if temporarily).

Motivation: Conquer the dungeon

Random Hazards

Hazard: Spiderwebs (DC 12 Dex or restrained. DC 12 Athletics or Acrobatics to escape. AC 10, 15 HP, fire vulnerability, immunity to bludgeoning / piercing / psychic)

Random Obstacles

Obstacles block or hamper progress and can affect more than one room.

Obstacle: Blade barrier blocks passage

Random Traps

Trigger: Looked at (mural , arcane symbol)
Severity: Dangerous
Effect: Thunderwave knocks characters into a pit or spikes

Random Tricks

Tricks are quirky and less deadly than a trap. Some tricks are permanent, others can be dispelled with Dispel Magic.

Object: Target dummy
Effect: Creates a force field

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