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Gorga Connors, Female Half-Orc [Permalink]

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Description: Dark and lean, she is a relatively plain woman. She usually wears her blue robe and has her greatsword always slung over her shoulder. Her silver hair is kept up in a ponytail inside a feathered hat. Her eyes are brown and catlike.

Personality: She is a jovial happy person, but she is convinced people are living their lives too quickly. She tends to be very friendly, and is drawn to music, the smells of food and wine, and out-door festivals.

History: She was born into a rich family. She made a point of taking high paying jobs and getting most of it up front. She now travels the world, in search of power and loot.

Motivation: To reunite with her old friends; and meet up once more with her childhood friend

Occupation: Fortune-teller

Attributes [hide]

Gorga Connors, Female Half-Orc Aristocrat 5
Medium (5'3") Half-Orc, Chaotic Good (CR 5)
Armor Class 10
Hit Points 40 (5d8)
Speed 30 ft.
11 (+0)11 (+0)16 (+3)8 (-1)9 (-1)13 (+1)
Skills Insight +2, Nature +2
Senses Passive Perception 9
Languages Common, Orc
Attacks Melee +3, Ranged +3, Grapple +0

Possessions: 30000 cp.

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