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Jasmine Thistletop, Female Halfling [Permalink]

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Description: This southern woman is abnormally tall. She is wearing dark clothing and a heavy breastplate, keeping many of her physical features obscured. Her whole body is exceptionally muscular. She wears her golden hair down. She knows how to use half smiles and her violet eyes to beguile.

Personality: Soft-spoken and well mannered, she has an amazing amount of patience and a slow boiling temper. To her fellows she is seen as friendly and intelligent, but is angry and unforgiving to the so called fatcats and any who do and have associated with them.

History: She was born in the south. When money was particularly tight she was walking through alleys when she overheard a Scribe hiring some criminals to sabotage a competitor. She made her way to the other competitor and parlayed her knowledge into a job. She remains aloof and afraid to be herself due to all the ideals others have placed upon her.

Motivation: To fight the greatest warriors and to fight in the greatest battles ever; and she feels kind of lost in life

Occupation: Scribe

Attributes [hide]

Jasmine Thistletop, Female Halfling Barbarian 2
Small (3'1") Halfling, True Neutral (CR 2)
Armor Class 14
Hit Points 26 (2d12)
Speed 20 ft.
10 (+0)16 (+3)17 (+3)11 (+0)14 (+2)10 (+0)
Skills Acrobatics +5, Sleight of Hand +5
Senses Passive Perception 12
Languages Common, Halfling
Attacks Melee +2, Ranged +5, Grapple +5

Possessions: 120 gp.

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