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Jo Reedfellow, Female Halfling [Permalink]

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Description: Relatively heavier built than your average woman, she is not imposing. She usually wears her tan robe and has her shortbow always slung over her shoulder. She wears a top hat to cover her moderate length white hair. Her thin eyebrows rest above her beady gray eyes.

Personality: Jo speaks confidently about a variety of topics with grace. She is clearly well-traveled and educated. She is used to getting what she wants. In part because she is a meticulous planner.

History: Born to a poor family in the city she treasured whatever gifts she got. When money was particularly tight she was walking through alleys when she overheard a Enchanter hiring some criminals to sabotage a competitor. She made her way to the other competitor and parlayed her knowledge into a job. She now travels the world, in search of power and loot.

Motivation: She feels the way she acts is they only way to get by in the world; and she is terrified, and will act out of fear

Occupation: Enchanter

Attributes [hide]

Jo Reedfellow, Female Halfling Expert 9
Small (3'0") Halfling, Lawful Good (CR 9)
Armor Class 14
Hit Points 42 (9d6)
Speed 20 ft.
15 (+2)17 (+3)12 (+1)11 (+0)13 (+1)12 (+1)
Skills Acrobatics +6, Athletics +5
Senses Passive Perception 11
Languages Common, Halfling
Attacks Melee +5, Ranged +6, Grapple +5

Possessions: 500 gp. Embroidered and bejeweled glove (2000 gp). Fire opal pendant on a fine gold chain (800 gp). Gold and topaz bottle stopper cork (800 gp).

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