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Eleanor Blumenthal, Female Half-Elf [Permalink]

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Description: A plain young-adult woman, she wears a shirt and pants that are bristling with pockets overflowing with maps, compasses, and other navigational equipment. Her chestnut hair is greasy and uncared for. Her blue eyes dart from person to person.

Personality: She is extraordinarily eccentric. She does not trust anyone and sleeps with one eye open.

History: She got into the Armorer business at a young age. She sought a place where she would be rewarded solely on the merits of her skills. This search led her directly into Armorer work with an outfit from a few towns over. Armorer work suited her well, and with each successful project, she earned more gold and more respect from her peers. She has achieved small success as a Armorer.

Motivation: She feels kind of lost in life.

Occupation: Armorer

Attributes [hide]

Eleanor Blumenthal, Female Half-Elf Commoner 5
Medium (4'11") Half-Elf, Neutral Good (CR 5)
Armor Class 10
Hit Points 37 (5d4)
Speed 30 ft.
15 (+2)11 (+0)18 (+4)7 (-2)10 (+0)12 (+1)
Skills Athletics +5, Religion +1
Senses Passive Perception 10
Languages Common, Elven
Attacks Melee +5, Ranged +3, Grapple +1

Possessions: 200 gp. Aquamarine (300 gp).

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