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Naeris Goltorah, Male Half-Elf [Permalink]

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Description: He typically wears a sleeveless long coat of deep tan leather and dull violet iron scale mail. Sporting a golden mohawk and bushy mustache this man's hair draws a lot of attention. His skin is flawless and his hazel eyes scan people very quickly.

Personality: He is a very happy person and has lots of energy. To put it simply, he's a very lovable idiot. He is fiercely devoted to his father, and views his father's ex-spouse as an evil person for separating him from his legal half-sister.

History: He was born to loving parents in a slum to the south. He went to a religious school and was inspired by the priests there in charitable deeds. By chance he met his sister recently and the two have been together since.

Motivation: To unite with his sister. And to prove his worth to the world.

Occupation: Masseuse

Attributes [hide]

Naeris Goltorah, Male Half-Elf Ranger 12
Medium (5'2") Half-Elf, True Neutral (CR 12)
Armor Class 11
Hit Points 70 (12d8)
Speed 30 ft.
19 (+4)13 (+1)13 (+1)16 (+3)15 (+2)11 (+0)
Skills Arcana +7, Deception +4
Senses Passive Perception 12
Languages Common, Elven, Orc, Gnoll, Druidic
Attacks Melee +8, Ranged +5, Grapple +4
DC 0 1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th

Possessions: 2000 gp. Jasper (80 gp). Blue sapphire (400 gp). Black pearl (200 gp). Jasper (80 gp). 1 Minor magic item. 1 Minor magic item. 1 Minor magic item. 1 Minor magic item. 1 Minor magic item.

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