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Caelynn Dalanthan, Female Half-Elf [Permalink]

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Description: She is constantly adorned with expensive silk clothing, often dyed in bright green and brown, and wears rings and necklaces with large, colorful gems. She has a slight overbite and is overall scrawny. Her hair is always cut to a buzz. She has a very pronounced jaw (or goatee) and bushy eyebrows. She wears rectangular glasses with silver brims.

Personality: She is highly sensitive about her name. She loathes it, but will not take any guff about it from anyone. She has zero loyalty and will suck up to whomever is within range, in the hopes of being moved to a better position.

History: She served in the navy to pay for her family's outstanding loans. She has chosen to use the inheritance that was left to her frivolously. She's also a talented Spy, but doesn't like to broadcast it.

Motivation: Someone believes her a fraud; and balancing her hectic life and new enchanter responsibilities is difficult

Flaws: Sensitive, Fearful. Bonds: Rich, Military, Job, Enemies. Occupation: Enchanter

Voice: Smooth and feminine

Attributes [hide]

Caelynn Dalanthan, Female Half-Elf Paladin 4
Medium (5'6") Half-Elf, Lawful Good (CR 4)
Armor Class 12
Hit Points 49 (4d10)
Speed 30 ft.
12 (+1)14 (+2) 16 (+3)13 (+1) 16 (+3)12 (+1)
Skills Religion +3, Sleight of Hand +4
Senses Passive Perception 13
Languages Common, Elven, Aquan
Attacks Melee +3 / 1d10+1, Ranged +4 / 1d10+2, Grapple +2
DC 0 1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th
Spell /Day1300000

Possessions: Just what you see.

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