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Lilli Nackle, Female Gnome [Permalink]

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Description: She is a husky woman, who wears bulky yellow painted plate armor. Her hair is red and curly. This green eyed easterner is not easily forgotten.

Personality: She is envious of other's things. She hoards treasure, art, food, wine, and anything that she so desires. She keeps company with all sorts of races to see how they think and challenge minds foreign to her own.

History: Raised by wardens she was only a novice when illithids swooped upon their monastery and killed most of the order. Ostracized due to the divine powers of her oldest sister, she and her siblings struck out on their own. In the process these unassuming Gnomes became a terror of the countryside. She has taken up leadership of the village's small militia in response to illithids demanding more tribute than usual.

Motivation: A deep hatred of illithids; and she's repulsed by the pc

Occupation: Bellfounder

Attributes [hide]

Lilli Nackle, Female Gnome Barbarian 3
Small (3'4") Gnome, True Neutral (CR 3)
Armor Class 13
Hit Points 33 (3d12)
Speed 20 ft.
12 (+1)15 (+2)15 (+2)14 (+2)12 (+1)10 (+0)
Skills Animal Handling +3, Arcana +4
Senses Passive Perception 11
Languages Common, Gnome, Draconic, Sylvan
Attacks Melee +3, Ranged +4, Grapple +2

Possessions: 100 gp.

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