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Phann Koehlanna, Female Elf [Permalink]

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Description: A pudgy woman standing about 5'2" has a big stupid grin on her face most of the time. She sports grey clothing, slightly heavier than average wear. Her hair is black and curly. Her thin eyebrows rest above her beady blue eyes.

Personality: Calm and collected, she is a well trained Guard. She is used to getting what she wants. In part because she is a meticulous planner.

History: Born to a Body Guard, her mother struggled to pay the bills. When Phann reached her early adolescence her Elf mother passed away. Feeling disconnected from the small nearby village afterwards, she decided to travel. Her rounds led her into the Army with a few individuals who would become her life-long companions. She struck the Guard job and began her own company from there.

Motivation: Further expansion of business; and she is not mentally stable, and does not behave rationally

Occupation: Guard

Attributes [hide]

Phann Koehlanna, Female Elf Bard 6
Medium (5'2") Elf, Lawful Neutral (CR 6)
Armor Class 13
Hit Points 19 (6d6)
Speed 30 ft.
11 (+0)17 (+3)9 (-1)10 (+0)15 (+2)14 (+2)
Skills Deception +5, Performance +5
Senses Passive Perception 12
Languages Common, Elven
Attacks Melee +3, Ranged +6, Grapple +3
DC 0 1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th

Possessions: 100 gp. Tourmaline (50 gp). Deep blue spinel (500 gp).

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