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Morana Broodfist, Female Dwarf [Permalink]

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Description: The woman speaks with an almost imperceptible accent. She seems to always be the slightest bit damp as if she got out from a pool a few moments ago. She wears an amalgamation of clothes and depending on the season will wear more layers of the continuing hodge podge. Her brown hair is styled in orderly dreadlocks. Her eyes are a pleasant violet.

Personality: She is envious of other's things. She hoards treasure, art, food, wine, and anything that she so desires. She does not mind isolation but does not hate company and attempts to receive them as best as possible.

History: Her parents moved while she was still in utero so she is the first generation to be born here. She was part of a huge silver rush, which was taken over by a mining company. The company confiscated a lot of silver, but the shipment was lost. She has made many enemies by not giving into corruption and outing many instances of it.

Motivation: Her religion dominates her actions; and obtaining odd cultural dwarven artifacts is her passion

Occupation: Mayor

Voice: Complex vocabulary, royal

Attributes [hide]

Morana Broodfist, Female Dwarf Wizard 3
Medium (4'3") Dwarf, Chaotic Good (CR 3)
Armor Class 8
Hit Points 23 (3d4)
Speed 20 ft.
9 (-1)7 (-2) 18 (+4)15 (+2) 15 (+2)13 (+1)
Skills Insight +4, Nature +4
Senses Passive Perception 12
Languages Common, Dwarven, Gnome, Undercommon
Attacks Melee +1, Ranged +0, Grapple -1
DC 0 1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th
Spell /Day12421000

Possessions: 200 gp.

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