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Roland Compton, Male Human [Permalink]

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Description: The man speaks with an almost imperceptible accent. He seems to always be the slightest bit damp as if he got out from a pool a few moments ago. He wears a fancy violet suit. His hair is always cut to a buzz. His gray eyes are desperate and heavily dilated. He has the appearance of someone under the heavy influence of drugs.

Personality: He does not believe in betrayal or weakness as things to be tolerated. He loves teas. He is very sensitive about his face. To blow off anger he lifts weights and to control his otherwise explosive temper he works out a lot.

History: His parents moved while he was still in utero so he is the first generation to be born here. Aside from being a slave or a gladiator, there isn't much legitimate work for Humans in Roland's homeland. Roland decided to take the middle way and become a bodyguard. He's since become an addict/alcoholic.

Motivation: To prove his worth to the world; and to fight the greatest warriors and to fight in the greatest battles ever

Occupation: Layabout

Attributes [hide]

Roland Compton, Male Human Paladin 4
Medium (6'1") Human, Neutral Evil (CR 4)
Armor Class 12
Hit Points 26 (4d10)
Speed 30 ft.
12 (+1)14 (+2)14 (+2)16 (+3)15 (+2)7 (-2)
Skills History +5, Religion +5
Senses Passive Perception 12
Languages Common, Terran, Undercommon, Druidic
Attacks Melee +3, Ranged +4, Grapple +2
DC 0 1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th

Possessions: 600 gp.

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