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Diggory Alston, Male Human [Permalink]

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Description: This man wears a shirt that is too small, which lets his gut show, with a ratty pastel coat over it, and sports empty pouches on his belt. His black hair is cut jaggedly and amateurishly. His brown eyes peer out from beneath his small pastel hat.

Personality: He swings through moods quickly. One moment he is cool and collected, the next he is carried away by passions. He dislikes loud distracting noises, but is overall hospitable. His biggest love is that of knowledge and as such will purchase any books or pay to listen to tales that travelers might have.

History: He was born several months after his mother was called into army service. He became part of the deadliest team of assassins in recent memory. A botched job caused the group to be disbanded. He would ruin relationships and cause injury. He was reprimanded several times before being given his current form and forced to learn humility.

Motivation: He has decided he is irredeemable.

Occupation: Scribe

Attributes [hide]

Diggory Alston, Male Human Wizard 1
Medium (5'0") Human, Lawful Evil (CR 1)
Armor Class 9
Hit Points 7 (1d4)
Speed 30 ft.
14 (+2)8 (-1)16 (+3)6 (-2)11 (+0)9 (-1)
Skills Intimidation +1, Persuasion +1
Senses Passive Perception 10
Languages Common
Attacks Melee +4, Ranged +1, Grapple +2
DC 0 1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th

Possessions: 100 gp.

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