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Elysande Charlton, Female Human [Permalink]

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Description: She wears rags and sports a simple walking cane. Her attire stands in sharp contrast to her bastard sword, which is beautifully polished and possesses an ornate carving of a clover on it. She is bald on top and has large auburn tufts of hair around her ears. Her brown eyes dart from person to person to random spaces in the air.

Personality: She is a very happy person and has lots of energy. To put it simply, she's a very lovable idiot. When triggered she is a bloodthirsty maniac, stopping at nothing and killing everything for almost an hour.

History: Her martial talent manifested at a young age. Aiming to upstage a rival house, her parents had her trained. A gypsy cursed her at a young age, leading to her ugly appearance. Recently she has begun working with bootleggers and crooks.

Motivation: She is being blackmailed/forced/etc and this influences her actions.

Ideals: Optimist, Gifted. Flaws: Ugly, Insane. Bonds: Poor, Criminal record. Occupation: Alchemist

Voice: Middle-eastern accent

Attributes [hide]

Elysande Charlton, Female Human Barbarian 3
Medium (5'4") Human, Neutral Evil (CR 3)
Armor Class 11
Hit Points 33 (3d12)
Speed 30 ft.
7 (-2)12 (+1) 16 (+3)15 (+2) 15 (+2)12 (+1)
Skills History +4, Performance +3
Senses Passive Perception 12
Languages Common, Undercommon, Giant
Attacks Melee +0 / 1d8-2, Ranged +3 / 1d8+1, Grapple +1

Possessions: 500 sp. Black pearl (300 gp). Obsidian (10 gp). Eye agate (10 gp). 1 Masterwork Shortspear. 1 Masterwork Common Ranged Weapon. 1 Masterwork Shortspear.

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