D&D 4e Encounter Builder

Create a combat encounter for Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition by adding and removing creatures either manually or from the compendium, which you can save for use later or share with others. Full directions are below or in each header.

You can also view encounters others have made in the public encounters list.

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Select your party level and size under Main. If this is a shared encounter you may first need to click the Reset Encounter button, under the Main section above. Then add creatures to the encounter by selecting the monster level and its type (standard, minion, elite, or solo) and click the add button. Monster levels highlighted in green are likely too easy for your party, while monster levels highlighted in red are likely too hard.

You can also use the DDI compendium to build encounters. Search for enemies based on level, role, difficulty, and/or name and click search. You'll get the creature's name and a link to the creature's statblock in the compendium for referencing. Click on the creature's name and then click add to add it to the encounter with its name and statblock link.

The current XP value of your encounter (XP Value), as well as your target xp amount (Budget), and its difficulty are displayed under Current Encounter. You can adjust the amount of monsters or remove them in the Qty row in Current Encounter. If you use the Compendium Builder there will also be a clickable name that will take you to that creature's statblock. Clicking the [e] in the Names column allows you to edit the names of creatures in the encounter.

You can save or load encounters to/from your desktop, clipboard, or account. If you register or log in an account on the left you can store the encounter on the site and access it again from anywhere; if you choose to make the encounter public when saving to your account you can also share the URL to it with others, allowing them to view and use your encounter. Be sure to include some notes on how the encounter should be played and the general monster strategy.

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