October 11 - Bi-Weekly Fix-Up

In what is rapidly becoming tradition, it's the bi-weekly fix-up!

Selectors and building have been improved, it should be easier to see what you're doing and getting the blocks to go where you want them to. Especially in towns where ownership is a concern.

Cave generation has been changed to make more pits, chasms, and tunnels that should be easier to navigate. If you kept getting lost in caves you should have an easier time now.

There's a new option called Mouselook in 3rd that gives you full mouselook while in third person perspective, just like in first person or when you have a weapon equipped. The backpack has become the center of attention, and your character will open their backpack in the world when you do.

Digging has been improved, your hammer swings much faster now and there's some new sounds and feedback to improve the feel. As a consequence, rock and stone tools have had their durability reduced so you have much more reason to go hunting after those copper+ tools.

There's a ton more gameplay tweaks and bug fixes that you can check out in the full patch notes!

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