March 7 - Climbing the ladder

Started feeling a bit better last week so got into it. Work on dungeons is currently underway which ate up a lot of time, but some big features in this week's build is the addition of bows and climbing.


You can now freely climb on anything, anywhere. Climbing uses up stamina so make sure you don't run out while up high. You'll also hop up ledges, making all that work on slopes feel a bit pointless. HEY JUST KIDDING SLOPES ARE GREAT.

Ledge hop

The new weapons available are a staff with a nice sweeping combo, and a bow. Aiming and shooting with the bow is pretty standard fps controls, but you've got a wind-up and need to be a pretty good shot. Or you can just lock-on and hope they don't move. You'll need to lead your shots since arrows obey gravity and air resistance.

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