January 14 New character look - Weekly Devlogs

First look at the new character design.

First off, there's a poll and thread to give feedback here: Poll and feedback.

Thank you to everyone that gave feedback on the character appearance. We're pretty much operating in the dark here, so critical feedback is crucial to keep us on track and ensure we're making the kind of game you want to play. When you're looking at a character or feature or anything every day you kind of become blind to its flaws so I'm always incredibly grateful to anyone that takes the time to offer an outside perspective. You're not being mean! You're actually being very generous and helpful.

Anyway, the general feedback on the old character designs is they were stuck in the uncanny valley between cartoony and realistic. While there were a lot of people in both camp realism and camp cartoony, realism seemed more popular and I tended to agree. As the quality of the engine and lighting improved, having very cartoonish characters next to detailed assets looked off and inconsistent.

My hope is to get more realistically proportioned characters while still retaining their own aesthetic. To that end the clothing will also be changing along with the models, getting rid of some of the more generic t-shirts/jeans and only having the more intricate steampunk costumes to fit into the world's aesthetic.

Anyway, all that is still being worked on. What I DO have to show and receive feedback on is the completed woman model, untextured. I figure there's no reason to continue work on the rigging, animating, texturing, costume design, and male model if we've completely missed the mark at this point. So these are untextured pictures.

Please note: This is the default appearance without any adjustments. You'll be able to customize things like shape of the face, body size, weight, etc. You won't be losing any body types, you'll be gaining more.


Q: She's got moon ears?
A: Yes

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