February 21 - The hunt is on

Hunting gameplay has begun to trickle in. Defeating a beast yields you a carcass, which you can then butcher for meat and parts. Those parts can be used to craft better armor and weapons, allowing you to hunt even bigger beasts. Hides first need to be tanned into leather on a tanning rack.

Butcher and Tanning

I will be adding in more weapons and beasts to hunt next, including much bigger and scarier ones. I'll also be redoing how spawns work at some point, so finding the right spot to hunt should be easier. There's been a bunch of quality of life changes and fixes, which you can see in the patch notes.

Butchering a Carcass

Your arms are now visible in first person. In order to have a true first person where you can see your own body I'd have to greatly restrict the viewing angle while you're in first person. When you look down irl you can't look straight down, your chin gets in the way, and you also don't look straight down as your head pivots forward on your neck. I could write some code to imitate that motion, and then also restrict the view, but it would make first person somewhat awkward to control. This doesn't seem like a great solution for a game in which you can build and full 360 degree view is important to that.

First Person View

If I rendered the body you'd be able to look straight down through your body since your view pivots on a point (rather than a neck). Anyway I get that having items floating there can be a bit disorienting, and after some research I've decided a good compromise is just to show your character's arms when in first person. RE7 and several VR games do this, so it seems an acceptable solution while still maintaining full field and range of view in first person.

Blocking in combat has gotten some big changes. It's overall much more effective, and you can now block without a shield. If you hold down the dodge button you'll block, and if you tap it you'll still dodge. Block effectiveness is determined by the items you're holding, with shields still being best.

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