December 13 Nananananananana fishing - Weekly Devlogs

This week's update adds new rods, bait, tackle, sushi, mythological fish, rice, hydroponics... it goes on.

There are 4 additional tiers of fishing rods (Bronze -> Diamond) with improved stats and mods you can add to augment your fishing ability.

You can craft and add different kinds of bait using insects you catch at the first tier of fishing rod. Once you get a silver fishing rod you can start crafting different kinds of tackle to help you catch different kinds of fish in different environments. Reflectors, different hooks, spinners, etc.

To match your improved arsenal of fishing tools, the fish themselves have adapted and now come out at different times and have different stats and abilities to evade getting caught. Experiment with different rods and lures to catch every biome's unique fish.

Once you're a master angler, then you may be ready for the mythological fish. Namazu, a giant catfish said to cause earthquakes. Abtu, said to be the gatekeeper of the abyss and creator of darkness. Abaia, a giant eel said to cause huge waves with its powerful tail. Pisces, the many-minded guardian of all fish.

Once you've caught those fish, you'll need to fillet them and make sushi. Which you can do... IN YOUR BRAND NEW KITCHEN!

Collect seaweed from the ocean and grow rice to make delicious sushi. Rice can be bought from garden shop and grown in the summer. Rice is a special plant that can be grown while submerged in water, keeping it nicely hydrated at all times.

While you're out hunting insects for bait or to collect, you'll come across a new one: grasshoppers.

Also some new changes with placing ramps that should make it easier to place ceiling slopes, and some scrollwheel changes. Check out the patch notes for everything!

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