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Canheim, Capital [Permalink]

Population: 58,106, Size: 985 acres
Wealth: 290,530,000 gp. Max value for sale: 19,175 gp. Max pawn value: 101,686 gp
Demographics: Human (84%), Elf (10%), Halfling (2%), Half-Orc (1%), Half-Elf (1%), Dwarf (1%), Gnome (1%)

Detailed Demographics

Canheim is the headquarters of a major family or guild, and is known for its decadence. The ruler is an idiot, and mean-tempered. The races live together mostly in harmony.


Tavern: The Greasy Satyr
Owner: Theobald Thorton, Male Elf [Details]

Location: In a side street near the town gate. The street outside is shaded by large trees and has a crowd watching performers.
Description: The tavern is a timber framed tower, with a blue tile roof and elf-wrought furniture. A duck serves as a mascot and greets customers. It contains a set of gold scales and tightly packed tables and chairs.
Quests and Rumors
  • Beef Pie and a Glass of Whiskey (4 sp)
  • Bison Ramen with Garden Greens and a Mug of Perry (5 sp)
  • Octopus Pie with Garden Greens and a Glass of Whiskey (5 sp)

Blacksmith: The White Outfitter
Owner: Theodoric Alfonso, Male Dwarf [Details]

Location: In the middle of the slums. The street outside is filled with the smell of damp earth and is shaded by large trees.
Description: The blacksmith is a wooden rowhouse, with several shuttered windows and a small enclosed deck. It contains low ceilings and a red hot sword sitting on the anvil.
  • Shield of Missile Attraction (dmg 200) (5,676 gp)
  • Ammunition, +1 (dmg 150) (24 gp)
  • Mace of Smiting (dmg 179) (6,792 gp)

Alchemist: The Wasp's Dose
Owner: Lewis Chance, Male Human [Details]

Location: In a market district. The street outside is covered in fallen leaves.
Description: The alchemist is a log rowhouse, with a blue tile roof and a pillared curved-roof entryway. It is well-lit by a few magical torches. It contains cobwebs in the corners and vines hanging from the ceiling. They're doing a sale or promotional event.
  • Potion of Fire Breath (dmg 187) (147 gp)
  • Potion of Climbing (dmg 187) (48 gp)
  • Potion of Hill Giant Strength (dmg 187) (193 gp)

Jeweler: The Shiny Sun
Owner: Elysande Accord, Female Human [Details]

Location: In a market quarter. The street outside has drunken revelers and is a covered walkway with many twinkling lights.
Description: The jeweler is a plaster and wood framed large single storey building, with a red tile roof and a koi pond. It is well-lit by a few magical torches. It contains an empty cage and a table with scattered lenses, clamps, and cutters.
  • Ring of Mind Shielding (dmg 191) (15,240 gp)
  • Exquisite Ring (3 gp)
  • Ring of Shooting Stars (dmg 192) (13,339 gp)

Enchanter: The People's Observer
Owner: Hugolina Horner, Female Human [Details]

Location: In the artisan's district. The street outside is a covered walkway with many twinkling lights.
Description: The enchanter is a stucco big orb-like building, with a white shingled roof and a large cellar. It contains a small wood oven and a magical construct moving supplies between shelves.
  • Medallion of Thoughts (dmg 181) (2,934 gp)
  • Necklace of Prayer Beads (dmg 182) (9,564 gp)
  • Pearl of Power (dmg 184) (5,817 gp)

General Store: Ella's Open
Owner: Ella Andreantti, Female Human [Details]

Location: In an arcane quarter. The street outside contains a heroic monument.
Description: The general store is a brick simple building, with several shuttered windows and roughly hewn wooden furniture. A small dragon's skull hangs over the hearth. It contains a number of crates stacked along the back wall and several shipment crates are sitting on the floor. Gothic style and vibe.
  • Cobbler's Tools (phb 154) (24 gp)
  • Scale, Merchant's (phb 153) (5 gp)
  • Lock (phb 152) (10 gp)


Small Cottage
Owner: Eleanor Harris, Female Human [Details]

The house is a brick tower, with a gray tile roof and softly blowing chimes by the door. It contains a single bachelor-style room with a bed and dresser. In one corner is a hearth with a cauldron over the fire. Cured meats are hung in bundles from the rafters.

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