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Bonavista, City [Permalink]

Population: 18,921, Size: 310 acres
Wealth: 37,842,000 gp. Max value for sale: 6,244 gp. Max pawn value: 33,112 gp
Demographics: Elf (50%), Halfling (22%), Half-Elf (9%), Gnome (7%), Dwarf (7%), Human (3%), Half-Orc (1%)

Bonavista sits in the shadow of a large ruined castle, and is known for its heavy-handed guards. An iron-willed ruler demands respect from the populace. The races live together mostly in harmony.


Tavern: The Sleeping Mattress Lodge
Owner: Beatrice Blum, Female Halfling [Details]

Location: In a civic quarter. The street outside has drunken revelers.
Description: The tavern is a brick simple building, with a heather-thatched roof and simple furniture. It contains a taxidermied bear near the entrance and a poker table.
  • Oxen Burger with Fries and a Tankard of Beer (5 sp)
  • Bear Soup with Peas and a Tankard of Ale (5 sp)
  • Pheasant Cake and a Tankard of Cider (4 sp)

Blacksmith: The Emperor's Mallet
Owner: Orise Mundy, Female Elf [Details]

Location: In a residential quarter known for its devout residents. The street outside is recently paved with worn brick.
Description: The blacksmith is a brick rowhouse, with a reinforced wooden door and a small vegetable garden. It contains a number of pots and misc supplies hanging from the ceiling and horseshoes and metal hanging from the rafters.
  • Ammunition, +1 (dmg 150) (25 gp)
  • Ammuntion, +2 (dmg 150) (97 gp)
  • Ammunition, +1 (dmg 150) (25 gp)

Alchemist: The Gorgon's Pestle
Owner: Theodory Durphy, Male Halfling [Details]

Location: In a well-lit avenue with guard towers. The street outside is next to a grand hall.
Description: The alchemist is a plaster and wood framed two-storey building, with a reinforced wooden door and roughly hewn wooden furniture. It contains cobwebs in the corners and a dubious vial marked 'free sample' on the counter.
  • Potion of Mind Reading (dmg 188) (176 gp)
  • Potion of Gaseous Form (dmg 187) (294 gp)
  • Potion of Animal Friendship (dmg 187) (199 gp)

Jeweler: Crown Gems
Owner: Eloisel Malcord, Female Elf [Details]

Location: In a well-lit avenue with guard towers. The street outside is lined with a low stone wall and is filled with the smell of damp earth.
Description: The jeweler is a brick large single storey building, with several shuttered windows and simple furniture. It contains a number of crates stacked along the back wall and beaded gems hanging from the rafters.
  • Ring of Swimming (dmg 193) (2,952 gp)
  • Exquisite Necklace (5 gp)
  • Ring of X-ray Vision (dmg 193) (5,777 gp)

Enchanter: The Teller's Clarvoiance
Owner: Adelice Simmons, Female Halfling [Details]

Location: In the middle of the slums. The street outside has a pickpocket looking for marks.
Description: The enchanter is a wooden cabin, with a gray shingled roof and a smooth stone floor. Several battered shields hang on the walls. It contains a suit of armor on the back wall and a map of constellations on the floor.
  • Eyes of Charming (dmg 168) (2,876 gp)
  • Cap of Water Breathing (dmg 157) (962 gp)
  • Sending Stones (dmg 199) (1,947 gp)

General Store: The Ancient Emporium
Owner: Susannah Elsav, Female Elf [Details]

Location: In an arcane quarter. The street outside is full of market stalls.
Description: The general store is a timber framed tower, with an orange shingled roof and dead hedges. It contains a beautiful oak countertop and a stand full of colorful hats sits next to the entrance.
  • Leatherworker's Tools (phb 154) (5 gp)
  • Rope, Silk (50 feet) (phb 153) (10 gp)
  • Carpenter's Tools (phb 154) (15 gp)


Small Cottage
Owner: Rohesia Dmith, Female Half-Elf [Details]

The house is a wooden rowhouse, with a white shingled roof and a row of flowers around the building. It contains a single bachelor-style room with a bed and dresser. In the middle of the room is a simple cooking pot over an enclosed flame. A few cattle have taken over half the space in a makeshift stable.

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