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Wolftor River, City [Permalink]

Population: 7,250, Size: 242 acres
Demographics: Human (64%), Halfling (10%), Half-Elf (9%), Elf (6%), Dwarf (4%), Tiefling (3%), Gnome (1%), Tabaxi (1%), Half-Orc (1%), Dragonborn (1%)
Extra Details
Nearby Points of Interest
Wealth: 14,500,000 gp. Max value for sale: 2,393 gp. Max pawn value: 12,688 gp

Detailed Demographics

Wolftor River has an awful smell, known for dark magic and having high fashion. The rulership is contested, with open fighting between factions. The races live together mostly in harmony.

Defenses: The city is surrounded by stone walls. 45 trained warriors serve in the city's defense, and a militia of 805 can be mustered in case of attack. The sheriff is Leshanna Accord, Female Half-Elf.

Organizations: The Court of Lords' Alliance, Cult of the Flaming Paragons, The Sons of the Scholarly Syndicate

Tavern | Blacksmith | Alchemist | Enchanter | General Store | Church | Cottage | House


Tavern: Ivory Mug
Owner: Reynard Upton, Male Human [Details]

Location: In a market quarter. The street outside has a fortune teller. They walk in to find the owner curled up on the floor while 4 thugs pour lamp oil over everything.
Description: The tavern is a marble rowhouse, with a gray shingled roof and simple furniture. It contains a number of small braziers and messy tables covered in cutlery and leftover food.
Quests and Rumors | Map
  • Owlbear Pie with Egg (4 sp)
  • Fish Stew with Oat Bread (4 sp)
  • Drake Steamed Bun with Cake and a Tankard of Bitter (5 sp)

Blacksmith: Ermina's Foundry
Owner: Ermina Wade, Female Human [Details]

Location: In the main street near the town gate. The street outside is next to a large public square.
Description: The blacksmith is a timber and brick simple building, with a brown shingled roof and finely-crafted furniture. It contains a small wood oven and a large horned anvil.
  • Shield (phb 145) (10 gp)
  • Scale Mail (phb 145) (46 gp)
  • Sword of Sharpness (dmg 206) (1,656 gp)

Alchemist: Toil and Shrooms and Such
Owner: Diggory Stanton, Male Human [Details]

Location: In the main street near the town gate. The street outside is lined with a low stone wall. A player is solicited by a prostitute.
Description: The alchemist is a adobe cabin, with a tanned wooden roof and tile flooring. A number of hunting trophies line the walls. It contains a number of pots and miscellaneous supplies hanging from the ceiling and a massive glass orb full of a green liquid.
  • Potion of Climbing (dmg 187) (49 gp)
  • Potion of Hill Giant Strength (dmg 187) (197 gp)
  • Potion of Diminution (dmg 187) (264 gp)

Owner: Patrick England, Male Human [Details]


Enchanter: The Sky's Prophet
Owner: Dabbledob Gimlen, Male Gnome [Details]

Location: In the artisan's district. The street outside has drunken revelers. Bards are holding an impromptu music festival.
Description: The enchanter is a brick and large single storey building, with a green tile roof and shiny hardwood floors. A parrot serves as a mascot and greets customers. It contains curtains draped over the walls and a table with arcane symbols and candles on it.
  • Gloves of Swimming and Climbing (dmg 172) (1,971 gp)
  • Necklace of Adaptation (dmg 182) (1,479 gp)
  • Rope of Climbing (dmg 197) (1,909 gp)

General Store: Ceaseless Petunia
Owner: Ozyman Stonebridge, Male Halfling [Details]

Location: In an arcane quarter. The street outside is full of market stalls. There's a brawl going on.
Description: The general store is a timber and brick two-storey building, with a tanned wooden roof and well-made wooden furniture. It contains a large grandfather clock and the walls are covered in paintings and advertisements.
  • Woodcarver's Tools (phb 154) (1 gp)
  • Shovel (phb 150) (2 gp)
  • Cobbler's Tools (phb 154) (25 gp)

Church: Elevate Hall
Owner: Giselle Shelly, Female Human [Details]

Location: In a well-lit avenue with guard towers. The street outside is a covered walkway with many twinkling lights.
Description: The church is a plaster tower, with an orange shingled roof and nicely trimmed hedges. It contains a high vaulted ceiling and religious texts.


Small Cottage
Owner: Anastrianna Trowbridge, Female Half-Elf [Details]

The house is a terra cotta and sprawling single storey building, with a white shingled roof and a row of flowers around the building. It contains a single bachelor-style room with a bed and chest. In one corner is brick hearth with a flickering flame. A bunch of dried fruit hangs from the ceiling in long strands.

Cruck House
Owner: Olivia Leagallow, Female Halfling [Details]

The house is a plaster and wood framed and sprawling single storey building, with a white tile roof and a smooth stone floor. It contains 4 rooms total with 2 bedrooms, each containing a chest and dresser on the far wall. The kitchen has a small firepit with cold coals. Outside is a small fence made of wattle.

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