Big Grid Map Update

There's been some big updates to the grid map that you should know. This is one of the biggest updates I've done to the site, and the number of changes and feature additions to the grid map rival that of any other tool I've made on here. I've been working on this update for months, so I'm pretty excited to finally be able to release it for everyone.

Big Grid Map Update

There is now realtime updating of actions performed on the map and in chat. This means that if you and another player have the same map open, you'll be able to see token movements, additions, and stat updates as they're made without having to refresh the page. The same applies to chat, meaning you can both play a session together right there in your browser. Everything will still work and be seen by the other players, including attack macros. I've done some playtests and between attack macros and token stat loading (detailed below) you can both put together and resolve a combat encounter really fast and easily.

Attack macros have gotten several updates and fixes. There's more options, they're less spammy, and some of the old issues have been fixed. When choosing a saved dice roll you'll have two new options: do attacks X times and verbose/compact output. The first option lets you have a dice macro be performed and resolved multiple times, so if you have a 3x multiattack you can set it to 3 and click on your attack button to automatically attack and resolve 3 times in a single click. Choosing "compact" from the verbose/compact dropdown will stuff everything into a single line in the chat, which will use up less vertical space. Attack macros have also been changed to be less spammy overall, with the result of the roll incorporated right into the roll itself.

Attack Macros

When making an attack macro you can choose to target either the enemy's defense or your own. This is useful for game systems where you have to beat your own character's attack skill to hit rather than the enemy's defenses.

Another big feature is the "Load Stats" button now found next to the "Char Sheet or Statblock URL" found at the bottom of a token's properties window. This still works as it did before where it will make their name a clickable link to bring up their sheet or statblock for easy reference, and clicking on the dice links in that window will automatically roll and put the results in chat. If your token's sheet or statblock is the Character Sheet or Monster Statblock on this site, then clicking Load Stats will automatically fill out all the token's stats for you with a single click. This includes name, all their defenses, health, stats such as speed, initiative, and any additional notes (such as special abilities). This makes adding new characters and monsters to your map really, really fast. You can search for a monster on the Monster List, add its token to your map, then paste the url to it and click Load Stats and you're ready to go. You can still use the Token Search to find ready-to-use monsters that others have made, but this also allows you to make your own that much faster.

Load Stats

There's also some changes for people that prefer to play gridless (either for different systems or for a more immersive and accurate combat). You can toggle the grid on and off which will also toggle the grid "snap" for tokens, allowing for more nuanced control and placement of your tokens. The System Measurement dropdown can be changed from the default D&D-style "feet" to proper metric meters, or to inches for a more wargaming style way of measuring. Switching to this will also make the measurements more accurate, since D&D simplifies the distance of things like diagonal movement.

Finally, there's timestamps in chat and fixes to some old bugs. So check it out! There's a lot more options for everything. I also want to give a shout-out to the patrons whose contributions make these more ambitious projects possible.

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