Video Devlog for April 4 - Hover til you dye

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Video Devlog for April 4 - Hover til you dye

Unread postby Kassoon » Wed Apr 05, 2017 9:16 am

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Hello again. This week I added a hoverboard to the game, so you can cruise down slopes or mountains, and not only does it actually hover, it also doesn't fall over or catch on fire, you know, like an ACTUAL hoverboard. If you're going fast enough you can even surf over top of water.

Deer have been added and they're just as skittish as rabbits, and a precious gift that nature has given you.

Placeable furniture and stuff can also be dropped like anything else by right clicking, allowing you to fully rotate things like tables and chairs to fulfill that pavlovian need to play out closing time at the bar.

A mortar and pestle has been added which can be used to grind up flowers into dyes. For now you can dye cloth, glass and windows, but I'll also be adding more. There's some other stuff too, which you can view in the full patch notes on the forums. See you next week!

Patch Notes (a98)
* Added Airboard, a hovering board imbued with an air elemental. Lets you surf down slopes and over water if you're going fast enough
* Added Deer (Does and Stags)
* Added Mortar and Pestle, which can be used to make dyes from flowers
* Stuff like furniture can be "placed" when dropped (same as left clicking), allowing you to do full 3D rotation when placing them. You could place a chair upside down on a table, for instance, to fulfill a pavlovian need to play out closing time at the bar.
* Dyes can be combined at the millstone
* Added dyed cloth
* Added dyed glass
* Added dyed windows
* New appearance for Bone Armor
* Villagers will light candles and fuel their furnaces
* Made rabbits a bit easier to hunt, and all critters are a bit easier to sneak up on
* Improved look of SSAO

Bug Fixes
* Ambient sound will now fade between biomes
* Fixed some sound issues for things far away
* Fixed player sometimes walking before eating food
* Fixed being unable to use placeable objects on other objects (like using a chair on a campfire to refuel it)
* Fixed character freezing when holding down the button to chop a tree
* You'll now lean while turning when surfing or gliding
* Fixed several pathfinding bugs with rabbits
* Fixed a case of Villagers sometimes getting stuck when going somewhere

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