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Eran Goldfound, Female Halfling [Permalink]

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Description: A middle-aged woman, she wears a well pressed and immaculate suit (or dress), and is not the most attractive woman. Her auburn hair is greying along the sides and has receded to reveal a widow's peak. Her gray eyes are desperate and heavily dilated. She has the appearance of someone under the heavy influence of drugs.

Personality: She is quite rude, and likes to deride her opponents skill and shout insults at them. She does suffer from mild PTSD, and the sight of illithids may trigger it at times.

History: Born to a pair of adventurers, Eran grew up listening to her mother's many stories. She was an adventurer many years ago and she formed a blood bond with her Halfling companion (her 'brother'). She is searching for what she claims is her rightful reward.

Motivation: Someone believes her a fraud.

Occupation: Gardener

Attributes [hide]

Eran Goldfound, Female Halfling Barbarian 4
Small (3'0") Halfling, Lawful Evil
Armor Class 12
Hit Points 43 (4d12)
Speed 20 ft.
8 (-1)12 (+1)13 (+1)10 (+0)15 (+2)12 (+1)
Senses Passive Perception 12
Languages Common, Halfling
Challenge 4
Attacks Melee +1, Ranged +3, Grapple +1

Possessions: 100 gp. 1 Masterwork Musical instrument. 1 Bullseye lantern. 1 Backpack.

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