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Kilvar Brawnanvil, Male Dwarf [Permalink]

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Description: The man speaks with an almost imperceptible accent. He seems to always be the slightest bit damp as if he got out from a pool a few moments ago. He wears a black costume with the symbols of the sun god on his torso. His auburn hair is slicked back into a classic pompadour. He wears large thick round spectacles.

Personality: He's a bit of a prankster. He knows he is clumsy and seen as such and will often feign amnesia after injury. He loves being with his children and actually smiles when they are around. He would do anything for them. He dislikes his ex a great deal.

History: He was born the only child of a wealthy merchant. At a young age both his parents were killed in an accident. His uncle (a powerful person with enemies on both sides of the law) took him in and had him trained in basic self defense. As of late he has set up a hidden staging nest where he ambushes people he hires for escort.

Motivation: A rival would like him out of the picture.

Occupation: Blacksmith

Attributes [hide]

Kilvar Brawnanvil, Male Dwarf Wizard 4
Medium (4'4") Dwarf, Neutral Evil (CR 4)
Armor Class 10
Hit Points 24 (4d4)
Speed 20 ft.
19 (+4)11 (+0)16 (+3)10 (+0)17 (+3)11 (+0)
Skills Medicine +5, Sleight of Hand +2
Senses Passive Perception 13
Languages Common, Dwarven
Attacks Melee +6, Ranged +2, Grapple +4
DC 0 1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th

Possessions: 6000 cp. Violet garnet (600 gp). Moss agate (8 gp). 1 Minor magic item.

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