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Orsik Steelfist, Male Dwarf [Permalink]

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Description: A moderately attractive man, he wears a tight fitting brown shirt and pants. His white hair is smooth and relatively long. He has a dull look in his hazel eyes.

Personality: He is a hateful person. He taunts others and blames them for his problems. He lacks moral complications. He does what he is told to by employers but not much else. He spends his money on whatever he fancies at the time.

History: Orsik hails from a village terrorized by gnolls. His mother had invested heavily in several trade routes and wanted him to inherit them. He now owns his own business.

Motivation: He feels the way he acts is they only way to get by in the world; and several ex partners dislike his way of doing things and want revenge

Occupation: Alchemist

Attributes [hide]

Orsik Steelfist, Male Dwarf Fighter 7
Medium (4'4") Dwarf, Chaotic Evil (CR 7)
Armor Class 13
Hit Points 56 (7d10)
Speed 20 ft.
9 (-1)17 (+3)11 (+0)10 (+0)12 (+1)7 (-2)
Skills Insight +4, Stealth +6
Senses Passive Perception 11
Languages Common, Dwarven
Attacks Melee +2, Ranged +6, Grapple +3

Possessions: 2000 sp. 1 Minor magic item. 1 Minor magic item. 1 Minor magic item.

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