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Percival Garrick, Male Human [Permalink]

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Description: He wears a worn and beaten armor, and he perpetually has his shield ready. His tied-back hair is blonde. His face possesses mild wrinkles. His smile is extraordinarily sincere though he does not smile often.

Personality: He is highly sensitive about his name. He loathes it, but will not take any guff about it from anyone. He is a logical person and will generally grow upset if things defy logic and science.

History: Born in a small village he learned the ways of the warrior from his mother. At a young age he wooed the heart of his future spouse and the two had a long relationship before they wed. He has built up a small fortune and can afford his own way.

Motivation: Someone believes him a fraud; and to share knowledge with the world

Occupation: Farmer

Attributes [hide]

Percival Garrick, Male Human Aristocrat 2
Medium (6'4") Human, Lawful Good (CR 2)
Armor Class 9
Hit Points 12 (2d8)
Speed 30 ft.
14 (+2)8 (-1)7 (-2)11 (+0)12 (+1)11 (+0)
Skills Acrobatics +1, Investigation +2
Senses Passive Perception 11
Languages Common
Attacks Melee +4, Ranged +1, Grapple +2

Possessions: 10000 cp.

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