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Anselm Enfield, Male Human [Permalink]

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Description: He does not wear sleeves and tends to eschew shirts when he can avoid it, and he perpetually has his scythe ready. He keeps his blonde hair in a pixie cut. His face possesses mild wrinkles. His smile is extraordinarily sincere though he does not smile often.

Personality: He takes his job very seriously, in part because he fears he cannot get a new one. Around other people he will do his best to conceal his emotions and appear jolly.

History: Anselm was raised in a hard working conservative environment. His first spouse was a Courier, they had one son, but his spouse won total custody. Without his spouse to temper him he grew out of control. He has set out to sabotage the competition.

Motivation: Balancing his hectic life and new Actor responsibilities is difficult; and he feels kind of lost in life

Occupation: Actor

Attributes [hide]

Anselm Enfield, Male Human Expert 9
Medium (6'0") Human, Lawful Evil (CR 9)
Armor Class 12
Hit Points 44 (9d6)
Speed 30 ft.
11 (+0)15 (+2)12 (+1)11 (+0)14 (+2)9 (-1)
Skills Sleight of Hand +5, Stealth +5
Senses Passive Perception 12
Languages Common
Attacks Melee +3, Ranged +5, Grapple +2

Possessions: 1900 gp. Blue sapphire (900 gp). Obsidian (12 gp).

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