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Katherine Marlee, Female Human [Permalink]

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Description: She wears bulky tan painted plate armor. Sporting a golden mohawk this woman's hair draws a lot of attention. She was beautiful and young once, which still shows through her age, but it is a faded beauty.

Personality: Prone to second guessing herself, she comes off as nervous. She cannot deal with unfamiliar people for more than a few minutes at a time and if they persist she will grow angry at them.

History: Katherine was born in the north. At a young age she loved to build and create. She helped her mother out around the business and became quite the natural. She struck the Banker job and began her own company from there.

Motivation: Further expansion of business.

Occupation: Banker

Attributes [hide]

Katherine Marlee, Female Human Barbarian 9
Medium (4'7") Human, Lawful Evil (CR 9)
Armor Class 10
Hit Points 67 (9d12)
Speed 30 ft.
11 (+0)11 (+0)13 (+1)7 (-2)15 (+2)12 (+1)
Skills Athletics +3, Persuasion +4
Senses Passive Perception 12
Languages Common
Attacks Melee +3, Ranged +3, Grapple +4

Possessions: Carnelian (40 gp). Red-brown spinel (120 gp). Coral (120 gp). Chrysoberyl (120 gp). Banded agate (7 gp).

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